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 Mini Blue-Ray

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PostSubject: Mini Blue-Ray   March 20th 2008, 19:17

Is it possible, and if it is, just imagine that possibilities for PSP games. No longer would we have to deal with the 5 hour long games, which you can beat in one sitting. That is the only downfall of God of War: Chains of Olympus. Just think about it, an RPG that would last 30+ hours, with TONS of side missions, and weapons and armor. Monster Hunter has done a good job with this, but just imagine the possibilities if it was on a mini Blue-Ray. Monster Hunter, or any other game for that matter, would just be wow I really would love something to happen like this.

(If they are on Blue-Ray already, Im sorry. But I dont think I have seen anything about it.)

Anyway, your thoughts?
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PostSubject: Re: Mini Blue-Ray   March 20th 2008, 19:20

It would not be probable unless all current PSP's were able to read mini Blu-Ray discs, but it would escalate the PSP to a whole new level...which would be great, but at the same time isn't needed since it already is the best handheld ever.
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PostSubject: Re: Mini Blue-Ray   March 20th 2008, 20:42

Agreed, but wouldn't you want the games to be bigger, that way you can justify the fact that you have spent 40 dollars on a game, and you know that its going to last more that 5 hours? I know I would.
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PostSubject: Re: Mini Blue-Ray   

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Mini Blue-Ray
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